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Hi Friends, we are from IhtreekTech to give you Udemy free courses with certificate daily. This courses will be so helpful to learn new 
Udemy is an American open source online course provider on all aspects of learning such as in Development, Business, Finance and Accounting, IT & Software, Office Productivity,  Personal Development, Design, Marketing, Health & Fitness and Music 
There are both free and paid courses but in the free courses we can’t get any completion of participation to showoff that you have completed that course. In Paid there will a certificate given on course completion which can be used to attach in resume for further purpose. 
Here we are giving the bunch of paid courses for free daily without paying a single digit of money we are giving you the paid with the applied coupon which comes for free of cost. Life span of that coupon will be for less than 2 days (48 hrs.)

Note: Udemy courses coupons are not actually getting expired, this is happening due to some internal issues at Udemy website. To avoid this problem, you can use VPN. Open a new incognito tab or create a new profile on chrome and come to this page. Try to get the courses for free using the links given below.

You can get Udemy free courses with certificate on our blog daily stay tuned to get the daily updates and enroll your favorite course or your favorite learning.
IhtreekTech is started with the motto to share knowledge about technology. If you want to know new and what’s happening in this world you can visit our page daily for more updates
Certification course Free of cost so that you can utilize this lockdown period to sharpen their skills and to learn new

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MARCH 2023 Daily Updated Free Coupons


·        2023 Video & YouTube Marketing Mastery: Proven Strategies! (

·        3D Animation Film-Making with Plotagon (

·        3D Printing Design for Autism, Dyslexic & more in 2023 (

·        Active Directory: Introduction and Administration Tools (

·        Active Directory: Managing user settings with Group Policy (

·        All About Brioche Dough: From Burger Buns to Monkey Bread (

·        Artificial Intelligence (AI) Logo Design Tools (

·        Artificial Intelligence (AI) Presentation Creation Tools (

·        Artificial Intelligence Expert Course + Live Class (

·        Artificial Intelligence Music Creation (New Edition) (

·        Automate your Job-Search with LoopCV (

·        Basic Interviewing Skills – Master Basic Interviewing Skills (

·        Being Independent Movie Director (

·        Binary Options Trading Ninja: The Big Ben Strategy (

·        Build Your Own File Sharing Website (

·        Business Fundamentals & Questions to Answer Before Launching (

·        Career Change: Become a Paid Expert in What You Love (

·        Career choosing and Career Counselling (

·        Chinese Proficiency Test HSK 7-9 Official Mock Version 2021 (

·        Climate Change explained: Causes, consequences and solutions (

·        Clone yourself in a video using ScreenFlow 9 (

·        Comic Creation for Entrepreneurs (

·        Complete Goal Setting Course – Become Your Own Life Coach (

·        Complete Google Slides Course – Create Stunning Slides (

·        Complete Hypnosis Weight Loss Course – Dieting Psychology (

·        Complete Management Coaching Course – Executive Coaching (

·        Complete Positive Thinking Course – Happiness Psychology (

·        Computer Virus – Definition, Types, Spread and Prevention (

·        Conference Calls-You Can Present Well On Any Conference Call (

·        Content Marketing Strategies: That Increase Sales Revenue (

·        Copywriting & Content Marketing Course for Local Businesses (

·        Copywriting: Persuasive Writing Ft. Two Forbes Writers (

·        Cost Accounting and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools (

·        Crash Course on Civil Engineering and AutoCAD: Part 1 (

·        Crash Course on Civil Engineering and AutoCAD: Part 2 (

·        Crash Course on Civil Engineering and AutoCAD: Part 4 (

·        Crash Course on Civil Engineering and AutoCAD: Part 9 (

·        Create awesome videos from text using Pictory (

·        Create your dream life roadmap (

·        Creating Video Lessons with Online Video Maker InVideo (

·        CSS And Javascript Crash Course (

·        Deep Web- The complete Introduction to the hidden web (

·        Diary Writing- Meaning, Tips, Format and Benefits (

·        Dieting – Nutrition -Weight Loss Tips for Good Healthy Life (

·        Digital Forensics Masterclass | Forensic Science 2023 DFMC+™ (

·        Direct Indirect Speech (

·        Email Writing (

·        Emergency Media Training: You Can Face a Reporter In 2 Hours (

·        Engineering Drawing / Graphics : Hands-on Training (

·        Entrepreneurship – Ft. Matthew Rolnick of Yaymaker, Groupon (

·        ESG Reporting for Businesses (

·        Ethics of Research-A Basic Course (

·        Event Management in 3D Virtual Worlds (Grand Edition) (

·        FAA part 107 Remote Pilot Test Preparation Course (

·        Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course 2023 (Ready for iOS 14+) (

·        Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course 2023: The Art of Selling (

·        Fear of Public Speaking: Never Fear Public Speaking Again (

·        Freelance Consulting – The 1-Hour Course for Beginners (

·        Good Communication Skills are the key to Success (

·        Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Bing Ads & Google Retargeting Guide (

·        Grow Your Sales With Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) (

·        Healthy living with “No Oil” Recipes – Non Vegetarian (

·        HOW TO EARN MONEY ONLINE FOR FREE (Bitcoin For Beginners) (

·        How To Produce A Low Budget Independent Feature Film! (

·        How to Start a Podcast – Podcasting Made Easy (

·        How To Write A Business Proposal – Upwork – Proposal Writing (

·        How to Write a Scientific Paper for High Ranked Journals (

·        Interview Essentials – Master Your Interview Essentials Now (

·        Interviewing Skills for Jobs: Ace the Job Interview (

·        Introduction to Forex- learn to trade forex by yourself (

·        Introduction to International Trade Finance & Trade Services (

·        Introduction to Quantum Computing (

·        Invitation Writing -Formal and Informal, Reply to invitation (

·        JavaScript And PHP Programming Complete Course (

·        Jetpack 1.0: Artificial Intelligence and Automation in HR (

·        Kibana Masterclass – Capture, Analyze and Visualize Data (

·        Learn Chinese, Basic Mandarin Chinese, HSK 1 Preparation (

·        Learn Greek for Beginners. The complete Method. Part 1 (

·        Learn Java Programming: Classes and Objects (

·        Letter writing – Format, Formal and Informal letters, MCQs (

·        MAKE MONEY ONLINE in 4 STEPS! (Affiliate Marketing Course) (

·        MAKE MONEY ONLINE: Mindset Training + Real-Life Examples (

·        Master Course in Earned Value Management (EVM) (

·        Master Course in Restaurant Business & Restaurant Management (

·        Master Course in Sales Skills (

·        Mastering Exchange Server with Powershell: Databases (

·        Mastering Exchange Server with Powershell: Recipients (

·        Mastering Exchange Server with Powershell: Recipients (

·        Mastering Google Docs: A Comprehensive Google Docs Course (

·        MBA: Management and Leadership (

·        Media Training for Beginners: Ace Your First News Interviews (

·        Media Training: Looking Good on TV- Preparing for the Camera (

·        Memory Leaks 101: Your Guide to Fixing Them in Web Apps (

·        Meta Advertising Fundamentals: Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads (

·        Ms Excel/Excel 2022 – The Complete Introduction to Excel (

·        Myyshop-How to do affiliate dropshipping without store (

·        Negotiation A-Z™: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator (

·        No Oil Cooking Recipes – Eat Healthy! Live Strong! (

·        Note Making – Format, Procedure and Points to remember (

·        Office Administration Management (

·        Omnichannel Sales & Service Management with AI & Chat Bots (

·        Online Business – Work from Home (

·        Online Course Creation: Teach an Online Course (

·        Oracle Primavera P6: Your First Lesson! (

·        Organize your online business for busy entrepreneurs (

·        P.O.W.E.R Resume System: Proven system to get job interviews (

·        Passive Income: Create & Sell Online Courses [Full Course] (

·        Personal Finance (

·        Political Savvy: Maximizing Your IMPACT in the Organization (

·        Postgraduate Diploma: CRM Platform Expert (

·        Postgraduate Diploma: Digital Products Management (

·        Postgraduate Diploma: Digitalization of Retail Banking (

·        Postgraduate Diploma: Project Management (

·        Postgraduate Executive Diploma: Consumer Lending Business (

·        Postgraduate Executive Diploma: General Management (

·        Postgraduate Executive Diploma: Leadership (

·        Power Start in Project Management (

·        Presentation Skills -Deliver an Excellent Ceremonial Speech (

·        Presentation Skills Training: Give a Great Boardroom Speech (

·        Pros and Cons of MNCs : A Comparative Study (

·        Public Relations Firms: You Can Hire the Best PR Firm (

·        Public Relations: How to Be a Government/PIO Spokesperson (

·        Public Speaking Contests: You Can Win (

·        Public Speaking Disasters: Recover from Your Speech Blunders (

·        Public Speaking Emergency! Ace the Speech With Little Prep (

·        Public Speaking for Women (

·        Public Speaking Skills: Deliver Great Technology Talks (

·        Public Speaking Trainer: Enter the Presentation Training Biz (

·        Public Speaking: Financial Advisers Convey Your Expertise (

·        Public Speaking: You Can be a Great Speaker within 24 Hours (

·        Public Speaking: You Can Speak to Large Audiences (

·        Pursue Top 1% Career: Become The No. 1 Success Magnet (

·        Python Demonstrations For Practice Course (

·        Quantity Surveying With Rate Analysis And Take Off-Beginners (

·        Real Fast Podcast into Best Selling Kindle Books Easily (

·        Realtor Podcast Marketing For Real Estate Agents Success (

·        Reputation Management: Take Control of Your Company’s Image (

·        Reverse Engineering .NET For Beginners (Visual Basic) (

·        RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation – Part 1 + Live Class (

·        RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation – Part 3 (

·        RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation – Part 4 (

·        RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation – Part 5 (

·        RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation – Part 6 (

·        RoboAuthor: Content Writing Automation – Part 7 (

·        Sales Skills Training: Explode Your Sales with Online Video (

·        Sales Skills Training: Give a Winning Sales Presentation (

·        Secure Your WordPress Website For Beginners (

·        Securing the Budget for Your Project with A Winning Pitch (

·        SEO Link Building & Content Writing Course: Get HQ Backlinks (

·        Simple Independent Film Screenwriting (

·        Space Render 1.0: Artificial Intelligence in 3D Animation (

·        Space Render 2.0: Transform your Podcast into Videos (

·        Statistics for Clinical Research – A practical Guide (

·        Stress Management – Overcome Obstacles & Building Resilience (

·        Systematic Literature Review : A Practical Guide (

·        Tapping Into Success with EFT (

·        The BEST Bitcoin Trading Course for ALL Levels! (2023) (

·        The Book of Jonah: Insightful Overview & Life Applications (

·        The Complete Brain Training Course – Neuroplasticity (

·        The Complete Drums Course From Scratch – For All Ages (

·        The Complete Google Forms Course – Sending & Analyzing Forms (

·        The Complete Microsoft Word Course: Master Microsoft Word (

·        The Concept of Waste (

·        The Literature Review : A Comprehensive Six Step Guide (

·        The Ultimate Guide to ICT Skills (

·        The Ultimate Sleeping Course (Sleep good & Cure Insomnia) (

·        The Ultimate Voice to 3D Animation Course (Special Edition) (

·        The Zen Methodology Secrets To Habit Formation (

·        Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity (

·        Time Management Tips: You Need to Know About (

·        Train the Trainer: How to Be a Trainer in the Training Biz (

·        Turn yourself into a Virtual 3D Talking Avatar using FaceRig (

·        Unlock Creativity For Any Topic And Become More Creative (

·        Video Production: You Can Make Simple Talking Head Video (

·        What must be in your Resume/CV/ Biodata? (

·        You Can Deliver a TED-Style Talk Presentation (Unofficial) (


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