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Get free certifications from AWS amazon, cognizant to avial this click on the register now links given below. Get certified and build your career

Free Certifications from Amazon and Cognizant

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Essential training to begin your cloud journey AWS

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AWSome Day Online Conference is a free, one-day cloud training delivered by AWS technical instructors designed to enable you with AWS Cloud concepts, core AWS services, and ways these services enable innovation for a variety of new applications and industries to accelerate your success on AWS Cloud

Why attend?

Understand the powerful cloud computing advantages of cost-savings, speed, agility, and scale. Get introduced to compute, storage, database, networking, and security and learn how to accelerate innovation using IoT, machine learning, and more.

Who should attend?

AWSome Day is ideal for beginners with no prior cloud knowledge, as well as IT managers, system engineers, system administrators, developers and architects who are eager to learn about cloud computing and how to get started on AWS Cloud.


Introduction to AWS

This module covers introductory topics such as what is the cloud, the advantages of cloud computing, cloud deployment models, and AWS global infrastructure.

Speaker: Joel Skepper, Technical Trainer, AWS

Introduction to AWS Services: Compute, Storage, Databases

This module introduces compute by comparing the differences between physical and virtual servers and highlight Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). The module will also cover storage, and the many scalable, durable, and cost-effective storage options available through AWS. Followed by the power of purpose-built databases available through AWS.

Speaker: Joel Skepper, Technical Trainer, AWS

Introduction to AWS Services: Networking, Security

This module provides an introduction to networking and security with AWS. The module features Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Shared Responsibility Model, and other AWS services that are designed for security with a highly automated, accredited, and available posture.

Speaker: Joel Skepper, Technical Trainer, AWS

Innovation with AWS 

This module covers the various innovation opportunities through the use of machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and more.

Speaker: Navi Kaur, Technical Trainer, AWS

Closing Remarks: Course Summary 

The closing remarks cover resources that will take your learning journey to the next level and prepare you to start building on AWS.

Speaker: Navi Kaur, Technical Trainer, AWS

Other activities

AWS Builders Online Series On-Demand
AWS Builders Online Series is designed to educate you about the AWS platform with architectural best practices, expert tips, and demonstrations.

Cognizant Free Online Certification Courses

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You can register on the given link and complete the courses to get free certificates

Why join this Virtual Experience Program?

Business and technology have never changed faster. The opportunity has never been greater to create new customer experiences and launch new digital-based business models. That may require compressing years of change into months.  

At Cognizant, we help modern businesses achieve agility for an increasingly digital world. We build and test new products, finding out what works and plan for growth. We test ideas, incorporate feedback and determine how best to scale products quickly and successfully. 

Our Agile method is an iterative approach to project management and software development that helps teams deliver value to their customers faster and with fewer headaches. Instead of betting everything on a "big bang" launch, an agile team delivers work in small, but consumable, increments. 

Agile encourages experimentation, adaptation, and flexibility. If you like to work in an environment where you are encouraged to stretch the limits and look for better ways of doing something, then look no further. 

  • This Virtual Experience Program is free for students
  • This program is self-paced. It takes 5-6 hours to complete this Virtual Experience Program
  • Get practical skills and experience from Cognizant
  • Use this experience on your resume

Benefits of this Ready, Set, Agile! Virtual Experience Program

Earn a Certificate

When you complete the Ready, Set, Agile! Virtual Experience Program, you’ll earn a personalized completion certificate to share with prospective employers and your professional network.

Do it in your own time

Fit the Ready, Set, Agile! Virtual Experience Program in with your busy schedule. Learn at your own pace and reach your personal goals.

Learn directly from Cognizant

This Virtual Experience Program has been created by leaders at Cognizant. You’ll receive instructions from the team and compare your work with real model solutions from Cognizant.

Be seen by Cognizant

The power is in your hands. Opt in to share your work and profile with the HR team at Cognizant to stand out.

Discover if this career is for you

Nearly 50% of the hours you are awake are spent at work. Discover if this is the right career path for you.

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